Variable webbing width

The many team webbing industrial products and requires impeccable quality, between strength and security that only Fantex, strap manufacturer can offer, with a choice of materials and weaving.

We are listening to your needs for making a webbing to fit your products. elastic webbing, strap or infrared light strap, all the special treatments are applied to the webbing according to its destination. Accessorised, the webbing becomes ratchet strap or safety belt for automobile seats.

Fantex large variety of materials for your strap.

Fantex, strap manufacturer, uses many materials to weave webbing according to its destination. Dyneema polyamide or polypropylene webbing, very high resistance for safe use in cotton webbing strap to become a mover, we use natural, synthetic and always ecological fibers to meet your expectations.

Fantex: a strap for every need.

Fantex produces a strap model in mass production or custom, perfectly adapted to its use in terms of weaving and material. All sectors of the economy are concerned. We satisfy both a mover strap command shutter strap or molded strap to add loops or ratchets.