Twill ribbon

A wide range of ribbon for all uses of this narrow weaving, in a variety of materials to meet all your needs, this is what offers Fantex, the European leader in this field.

An ancestral know-how, flexible and automated machines, and a policy of innovation are the main assets of Fantex internationally renowned ribbon manufacturer. Thus, we offer both an elastic ribbon for medical use that ribbon for luxury packaging promptly.

Fantex: a ribbon manufacturer for each use.

Fantex Industry has the privilege to produce all types of ribbon to meet the needs of industry and other economic sectors. With an ethos of quality and innovation, we provide both satin ribbon Velcro ribbon or elastic ribbon for medical care.

Fantex: the ribbon in all its forms, in line with your expectations.

With Fantex, you have the opportunity of a ribbon manufacturer that produces both standard technical models based on their use. Inauguration of satin ribbon printed elastic ribbon used by the medical profession, we execute your order promptly. Such performances are possible thanks to our efficient and versatile machines.