Satin ribbons

Ribbon manufacturer known for over 150 years, Fantex Industry responds to your requests or technical standard ribbon with our latest machinery and our commitment to innovation.

It is by its ancestral know-how, coupled with a flexible and automated tools and a constant search Fantex that is able to provide a custom ribbon or large series. Whether you need a curling ribbon or elastic band, you are assured of the highest quality with our laboratory testing.

Fantex: a complete range of ribbon.

Fantex Industry has the privilege to produce all types of ribbon to meet the needs of industry and other economic sectors. With an ethos of quality and innovation, we provide both satin ribbon Velcro ribbon or elastic ribbon for medical care.

Fantex: complete ribbon techniques for various uses.

With Fantex, you have the opportunity of a ribbon manufacturer that produces both standard technical models based on their use. Inauguration of satin ribbon printed elastic ribbon used by the medical profession, we execute your order promptly. Such performances are possible thanks to our efficient and versatile machines.