Ratchet strap

The many team webbing industrial products and requires impeccable quality, between strength and security that only Fantex, strap manufacturer can offer, with a choice of materials and weaving.

For a strap control, Fantex Industry realizes strap weaving variable width, tubular or more thicknesses. The strap resistance may also vary according to its destination. It will be more important for a safety belt or a strap mover for an archiving strap.

Fantex: traditional or innovative materials for your webbing.

For making a strap, Fantex Industry uses the right material for the application. This product is made of natural fibers, synthetic or technique for dyneema strap or strap aramid, for example. We also strive to use environmentally friendly fibers, especially for the delivery of a cotton strap.

Fantex: all uses of the strap.

strap manufacturer Fantex adapt its production to the needs of economic sectors that make up its customer base. Strap tie down for transportation, archiving strap for tertiary or shutter strap to fit the windows through the mover belt, we answer any specific order. For aerospace and automotive competition, we manufacture aramid strap with many virtues.