Printed ribbons

Fantex offers the broadest range of ribbon for all purposes. Large production capacity, high-performance machines and constant innovation make us a ribbon manufacturer market leader.

Skill, innovation policy and adjustable machines all applications are significant assets for a ribbon manufacturer as Fantex Industry, European fame. We realize as soon as possible your ribbon controls jackard as elastic ribbon.

Fantex: a tape manufacturer for each use.

Fantex Industry has the privilege to produce all types of ribbon to meet the needs of industry and other economic sectors. With an ethos of quality and innovation, we provide both satin ribbon Velcro ribbon or elastic ribbon for medical care.

Fantex: Technical ribbon manufacturer or standard for all uses.

Fantex is able to customize your ribbon drive or to listen to your specific needs. Resistance, mesh, printed ribbon, differentiated width weaving or several layers, anything is possible. For a printed satin ribbon or printed ribbon of another material, we are listening to your wishes.