Polyester webbing

The many team webbing industrial products and requires impeccable quality, between strength and security that only Fantex, webbing manufacturer can offer, with a choice of materials and weaving.

For a strap control, Fantex Industry realizes strap weaving variable width, tubular or more thicknesses. The webbing resistance may also vary according to its destination. It will be more important for a safety belt or a strap mover for an archiving strap.

Fantex: traditional or innovative materials for your webbing.

Fantex, strap manufacturer, uses many materials to weave webbing according to its destination. Dyneema polyamide or polypropylene strap, very high resistance for safe use in cotton webbing strap to become a mover, we use natural, synthetic and always ecological fibers to meet your expectations.

Fantex: a strap for your application.

The wide variety of industrial and service using the strap allows Fantex Industry to propose specific models. Thus we manufacture both the mover strap that archiving strap or the safety strap to the car. The strap Dyneema, meanwhile is more for pleasure or to aeronautics.