Halyard dyneema

Fantex Industry is nearly 150 years of expertise in the field of weaving and braiding narrow professional service equipment for all sectors of industry and economy.

In the field of narrow weaving multi use Fantex Industry has mastered, fort 150 years of experience! A halyard Dyneema or a tension hook are as much a tradition of ancestral knowledge that constant innovation to meet the needs of the twenty-first century industry.

Fantex Industry: all packaging products.

All products in packaging for the industry are offered by Fantex, a specialist in this type of products. A comprehensive machine park, linked to a creative approach allows us to offer packaging cord or handle packaging that matches your expectation. net manufacturer, we offer the widest range.

Fantex: Reference manufacture of tapes, straps, braids, nets, rope, laces.

With one of Europe’s largest equipment fleets, we can offer an extensive range of products as a braid or lace manufacturer manufacturer. You can order produce specific as flat braids for leather belt or bungee cord. lace manufacturer, the shoe is also a privileged area.