Archiving webbing

Internationally renowned manufacturer of strap, Fantex offers to all sectors of the economy and industry strap models in traditional or innovative materials.

We are listening to your needs for making a strap to fit your products. elastic strap, strap or infrared light strap, all the special treatments are applied to the webbing according to its destination. Accessorised, the strap becomes ratchet strap or safety belt for automobile seats.

Fantex large variety of materials for your strap.

The preparation for a webbing, Fantex uses material suitable for its use. For the automotive industry, yachting and aerospace, innovative fibers will be used to achieve an aramid or polyamide webbing strap that should be particularly resistant. Wherever possible, Fantex favors combustible or recyclable green materials, which is the case for textiles lace or cotton webbing.

Fantex: a strap for your application.

The wide variety of industrial and service using the strap allows Fantex Industry to propose specific models. Thus we manufacture both the mover strap that archiving strap or the safety strap to the car. The webbing Dyneema, meanwhile is more for pleasure or to aeronautics.